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The application includes authorization to obtain

additional information, if needed, for underwriting.


One source of information is MIB (Medical Information Bureau), a non-profit membership organization of life and health insurance companies (MIB Members) which maintains a database for MIB Members to exchange confidential information of underwriting significance when an individual applies for life, health, disability income, long-term care or critical illness insurance. Coded information identifies medical conditions or medical tests that are reported by MIB Members to MIB under broad categories. MIB's primary purpose is to protect Member companies from proposed insureds who knowingly or unknowingly omit information about their insurability on their applications. MIB provides an alert to the company where the person has applied for insurance regarding information that may be relevant in the risk assessment process. The information in the person's MIB file is used only as an alert. No underwriting decision can be made solely on the basis of a coded report, such as issuing a policy with an extra premium or declining to offer coverage. For more information about MIB or to learn how someone can see if they have a report, go to There are times when the Underwriter may determine additional medical information is needed and request an APS (Attending Physician Statement – Medical Records) from the applicant's Doctor or healthcare provider. Medical records request will be handled by the Home Office. If the Home Office does not receive the APS within 35 days of the date requested, the underwriter will be asked to take appropriate action on the application, which is close out (withdraw) the application due to inability to obtain this requirement. A Doctor or Healthcare Provider typically request payment to provide the APS. If the Home Office considers the request for payment to be excessive, the application will be closed out (withdraw) as unable to obtain this requirement. On very rare occasions, the Underwriter may determine a medical exam and/or blood/urine tests are needed to consider the applicant for coverage. If a medical exam and/or blood/urine tests are needed, the applicant may be responsible for cost for the medical exam and any related blood/urine test.

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